1. How do you install bob wigs for beginners

    How do you install bob wigs for beginners
    Have you been attracted by the bright and lively appearance of the short bob fake invention and started a short bob wig? I believe that the bob wig will bring you a different style change, if you want to know how to install it to make a bob wig More natural, please continue to look down. What is a bob wig Bob wigs are short human hair wigs.The length of Bob's wig is in the horizontal position of the chin,and bob hairstyles are also suitable for women and girls. Short Bob wigs do not require a lot of time to maintain and comb like long wigs, so Bob hair has become the choice of many girls.
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  2. How to make a human hair wig last longer

    How to make a human hair wig last longer
    When the wig was first worn, it was elastic and shiny. After wearing it a few times, you may worry about its longevity. Although wigs are difficult to maintain , there are still people asking how to make wigs live longer. Time, next I will provide you with detailed steps to care for wigs, please read them carefully. 1. Reduce cleaning frequency As we all know, although wigs are made of real human hair, they do not produce natural oils. Washing your hair frequently can make your hair brittle and lose its luster. Washing the wig at the appropriate time will help to ensure that the person's hair is healthy. You can wash your wig once in 7 to…
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  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of headband wigs

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of headband wigs
    The headband wig is a new fashion and trend. The headband on the wig will add a different color to the wig. At the same time, when you wear the wig, it will give you a unique beauty.And headband products are very popular among African women, let me take you to understand the characteristics of headband wigs. suitable If you buy a Human hair headband wig online, Wearing large or small wigs on the head can cause discomfort.You will not encounter such a problem with a headband wig. A…
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  4. Ruiyu Hair 2020 Thanksgiving Day Sale

    Ruiyu Hair 2020 Thanksgiving Day Sale
    Welcome To Ruiyu Hair Official Store: As one of the leading Virgin Hair Suppliers, Ruiyu offers top quality human hair wigs, bob wig, lace wig and headband wig for the best price; it has received so many positive reviews from the new and regular customers. 2020 Thanksgiving day is coming. There is a big promotion in Ruiyu Hair Sale. Thanksgiving Day sale 30% OFF Overall
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  5. How to keep curly hair longer

    How to keep curly hair longer
    Curly hair is more difficult to maintain. If you maintain it well, you can use it for up to two years. If you don't take care of your curly hair, it may break within a few minutes. When you buy a curly hair online or in a shopping mall, especially a wig with a large curvature, such as a body wave wig, it will lose the original curvature after a few washes. We don’t want to make it into plain straight hair, so we can make some efforts to make the wig look what we want,Because Ruiyu’s hair is 100% human hair, you can curl it to make it look different.
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  6. How To Clean Your Lace Front Wig

    How To Clean Your Lace Front Wig
    13×4 Lace front Wig are popular and preferred by many Females. The first time we wear a new wig, it looks very beautiful. However, if the wig is worn for a long time, dust or friction between the wig and the outside world may cause the hair to look dull. Therefore, the usual care of the wig is very important. In addition, how to clean the 13×4 lace frontal is also very important to the appearance of the wig. What you'll need: ●Wig shampoo…
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  7. What You Need To Know About Headband Wigs

    What You Need To Know About Headband Wigs
    I believe that in the eyes of many women, headband wigs are a very strange existence. With it, you can become very cute and very temperamental. Because the headband can be taken off and put on freely, changing a different headband also changes a style. Many people have this question, will the human hair headband wigs fall? The answer is no. The strap on the wig is elastic, it can fit your head well. Moreover, there are four combs around and…
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  8. What Wig Can Give You A Natural Look

    What Wig Can Give You A Natural Look
    Wigs are just like clothing. Different styles of wigs give people different appearances. Whether you wear wigs for fun or for a beautiful appearance, in short, wearing wigs can bring surprises to people, just like playing different The same role. To shape your beautiful appearance, lace stitching wig is essential. Next, let's take a look at why 4×4 lace wigs can create your natural look. Use human hair…
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  9. How to install lace frontal wig

    How to install lace frontal wig
    When it comes to lace wigs, I believe many wig lovers can think of different types of Lace wigs. The most beloved ones are the lace closure and lace front wigs,  For wig beginners, you must know how to wear the wig correctly and quickly. Next, I will explain in detail how to wear the lace frontal. Next,i will show you step-by-step how to install 13×4 lace wig quickly. The first thing to do is called the stocking cap method and braid hair into two braids,place a new stocking cap…
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  10. Ruiyu Hair 11.11 Shopping Festival 2020 Wig Sale

    Ruiyu Hair 11.11 Shopping Festival 2020 Wig Sale
    Good news,Ruiyu mall 11.11 sale,all human hair wigs have unexpected discounts.The Ruiyu 11.11 shopping spree is about to begin. What are you waiting for?The event will be held from November 2th to November 13th.A series of surprise spike activities are waiting for you. Ruiyu have many kind of human hair wigs,they are all 100% human hair wigs, so you can use them to make any styling you want.The wigs we sell include lace wigs,
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