1. Ruiyu hair 11.11 global sales

    Ruiyu hair 11.11 global sales
    The cold season is coming, and I've been wondering how to convey some enthusiasm to you. So let me tell you three pieces of good news. First, The points can be doubled to cash. 500 points used to be $5, now it's $10. Time :Nov 7---Nov 12. Second, an additional 5% discount for hot-selling products. The top-selling wig and closure, and our latest offering of color hair.
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  2. Ways to Choose Human Hair Extensions

    Ways to Choose Human Hair Extensions
    Hair extensions are wonderful. You can add length to your own hair or make a different hair style.They can cover a bad cut or color. Also someone can use the hair extension to make a ponytail.Human hair extension is the best choice.It is donated by real people and make into extensions. Before making a purchase, you need to choose the length about the bundles. Each of our bundle is 100g±5g, if you need the hair longer than 20 inch,4 bundles and a closure can make a full wig. If you don’t want to have the long hair 3 bundles is enough.About the hair length measure the length of your hair from the center to the tips. You need to straighten the curly hair when you measure it.This can give you a exact result of the length you should buy.Also, it's a good idea to ask your stylist for a length recommendation before making a purchase. 100 human hair bundles in…
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  3. Bring some inspiration to your new hairstyle

    Bring some inspiration to your new hairstyle
    The fashion potential of Princess Kate has been immeasurably clear from years of coverage.The duchess of Cambridge has been named Britain's number one fashion icon for 2013, her third year in the spotlight. If you're considering a change of hairstyle and don't know what style to choose,come and see her.I've chosen three really nice pictures to give some inspiration to your new hairstyle. The first is this long straight hair with a little curl at the end.This hairstyle makes the whole person look very lively and clever.With her pink tulle skirt, she added a touch of tenderness.If you want to create your own girlish sense, this is…
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  4. What's the difference between hair in different countries

    What's the difference between hair in different countries
    As we know,four of the best hair type on the market:Brazilian hair ,Malaysian hair ,Peruvian hair and Indian hair,but few people knowthe difference between the four type hair ,and don’t know how to choose right type. On this blog, i’d like to tell you about the differences between the four hair types. About Brazilian hair Brazilian virgin hair definitely is the best selling and most popular hair texture on the market. Brazilian hair is thick, soft, and naturally wavy.RuiYu…
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  5. How to deal with wig tangle

    How to deal with wig tangle
    Many people like buy human hair lace front wigs,or curly human hair extensions,to create their new look.I think the problem of the wig tangle must be a headache for many people .Is a short tutorial about something you can do to keep it from tangling much. First ,how to properly wash your hair to avoid hair tangle problems. Apply a moisturizer (which does not contain petroleum jelly, petrolatum or mineral oil) to your hair. Wet your hair with water. Start about 1" (2.5 cm) away from the roots and apply the moisturizer all the way to the…
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  6. How to change your look

    How to change your look
    Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut,repeat every day.Do the same thing every day, eat the same meals every day, and feel the same way every day.You try to make changes, but you don't know how.Maybe you can start by changing yourself. From drastic changes, like dyeing your hair purple, to subtle modifications, like wearing less makeup, changing your look can be fun and exciting but also a little intimidating. Sometimes you might feel like you want to change something, but you just aren’t quite sure of what that something is. Take a look at your hairstyle, wardrobe, attitude, and other variables to decide what kinds of changes you’d like to implement to change your look. Now we're going to focus on how to change your look with your hair.
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  7. What you should know before buying hair extension

    What you should know before buying hair extension
    With the rapid development of the wig industry,more and more kinds of wig products came out.Hair extension is one of the most popular. Hair extensions tend to get a bad rap, especially when the clips peek out of the scalp, the color doesn't quite match the rest of the hair, or the length rivals that of Rapunzel's. These telltale signs of extensions can look fake, obvious, and even cheap human hair extensions. But with better quality, more natural-looking hair and innovative application methods now available, extensions can serve as a solution for some of your biggest hair concerns. The best part: When done correctly, no one has to know you're even wearing them. Next I want to tell you something you should know before you buy…
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  8. How many bundles you should choose for make a wig

    How many bundles you should choose for make a wig
    In RuiYu hair website,we have 3 bundles with closure,4 bundles with closure,3 bundles with frontal,2 bundles with 360 frontal and 3 bundles with 360 frontal.Many customers curious how many bundles they should choose.This is depending on what style you are doing from a closure sew in, leave out, or lace frontal.When you are choosing the hair bundles, except hair styles, the hair length is the most important.   Look at the picture below to see the looks of various hair lengths when you wearing your hair extensions. For the the weft weight is around 100 g/pcs, you will need less hair for short hairstyles and more hair for longer hairstyles.  
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  9. #2 & T1B/99j# Ombre Human Hair Bundles With Closure

    #2 & T1B/99j# Ombre Human Hair Bundles With Closure
    As you know,mostly of the RuiYu hair is natural color.In order to provide the most trend hair weave and extensions to meet customer's need.Now RuiYu have new arrival Ombre bundles with lace closure:1b99j Pre-colored and #2 dark brown.Both have 2 textures:body and straight.   RUIYU 1b99j Pre-colored Body Wave Ombre Hair Human Hair Bundles With Lace Closure Brazilian hair with closure,Peruvian hair with closure,Malaysian hair with closure,Indian hair with closure for customers.
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  10. Happy back to school with new style!50%off & big coupon from RuiYu hair

    Happy back to school with new style!50%off & big coupon from RuiYu hair
    Hello dear friends,the holiday is coming to an end.Are you ready for the new term or new school?Hope you can back to school happily.The good mood begin with the hair.Find your beauty on RuiYu Mall,which bring you more confidence and happiness.Now come on,just join us.You are the lucky one to get the special coupon!Coupon code is SC6,which is unlimited.   New Term! New You!Big Coupon+50% Off+Free Shipping,the activity will be end 20th this month.So pls dont hesitate.And here are several types which is hot sale,which is…
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