1. Why Headband Wigs Are Worth Trying

    Why Headband Wigs Are Worth Trying
    Many people like the fashion of headband wigs because it can complement different face shapes. For black women, the color of Headband Wig has a new talent. Would you like to know how headband wigs can change your appearance? let read on carefully   What Is Headband Wig Ruiyu (Ruiyu) headband wig, with 4 combs and a hook and fastener for easy&stable installing inside to tightly fix the wig on the head, half of the wig is weft-knitted on the lace, the
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  2. What Are 360 Hairstyles Women Wonder

    What Are 360 Hairstyles Women Wonder
    After all of us have spent a long period of autumn, winter, and spring, what better way to celebrate the transition of summer than changing our hairstyle? Maybe you see the urban beauties coming in and out of the salon wearing a variety of hairstyles and outfits. You are already ready to move, but you are not sure which direction to go. Please consider the muse who has been swinging in 360 wigs in the past few weeks. Find inspiration in: "I think 360 hair is very suitable for summer, it is cool and comfortable. The weather is too hot, all you have to do is worry about your hair, 360 Wig is what I want in 2021, with a futuristic style Exterior"
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  3. A beginner's guide to closure wig

    A beginner's guide to closure wig
    If you have been in contact with wigs, you will know HD wigs, transparent lace wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, closed wigs, etc. Before buying a wig, we must first understand the characteristics of the wig. For beginners, it may I am not particularly clear about these. Today, I will gradually and carefully introduce the function of the Closure Wig. What is a Lace Closure Wig The…
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  4. How To Put On Your Best Headband Wig

    How To Put On Your Best Headband Wig
    A headband wig is consists of by elastic net and a mateial of flexible headband around 6 cm ,headband wigs have velcro  to suitable for all sizes,combs at both sides to fit on your head well.Headband Wig comes in a form different from the standard lace wig. Its headband is detachable, allowing you to complete a different look or take off the wig in a few seconds.  
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  5. Why Are 13×4 Lace Wigs So Popular

    Why Are 13×4 Lace Wigs So Popular
    13×4  Lace Wig has been in a pandemic state. It has a super natural appearance and elasticity, which has given many celebrities and women many benefits. What are the functions and characteristics of the lace front wig? I hope this blog can give you some understanding of lace front wigs. The function and characteristics of
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  6. How Do 360 Frontal Wig Work

    How Do 360 Frontal Wig Work
    Whether it is any jewelry, clothing, shoes, or hair, it can reflect a person's personality. The perfect accessories are what women have been pursuing or already have. 360 Wigs are some of the most iconic wigs.   What is 360 lace wig In terms of appearance, it looks like a full lace wig without the round lace in the center. The center of the upper part of the head is made of hair and weft threads. This design wears a 360 Lace Wig.…
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  7. How To Get Beautiful Hair Wigs

    How To Get Beautiful Hair Wigs
    When you are busy with clothing and makeup, don’t forget that hairstyle or Frontal Wig when necessary is also an important part. This time the blogger has searched for 3 classic wig styles for you. Various lengths and lace sizes are also provided for you to choose from, making you a fashionable urban beauty.   Short bob wig If you like non-long hair design, short blunt-cut bob design brings freshness. Blunt-cut bob is more common than layered hair. Many women like bob wigs because they look more professional and…
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  8. How To Store Your Lace Closure Wig

    How To Store Your Lace Closure Wig
    When you buy a new wig, you may not wear your lace wig again for some time in the future. If you want to know how to store your Lace Closure Wig without damaging it, here are some tips. Will help you, then look down.   1. Wash before storing Just like washing the dirty clothes before putting Closure Wigs in the closet, you should also clean the wig before storing it to make sure that the hair is blown dry, because if the hair is still wet in the closet, the hair will easily…
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  9. What Do You Need To Know About Pucasing Headband Wig

    What Do You Need To Know About Pucasing Headband Wig
    Summer travel and beach vacations have become the love of women, and the style of Headband Wig is very suitable for the situation of going out and playing. Before buying headband wigs, you should know some things about headband wigs.  1.What is a headband wig It is made of lightweight and breathable machine-made nets, thus the headband wig is zero adhesive needed and friendly for lazy girl or beginners. Then, due to price factors, customers are also very inclined to buy
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  10. How To Lay Edges For My Headband Wigs

    How To Lay Edges For My Headband Wigs
    Headband wigs can be made into ponytails. When using headband wigs to make the edges, you need to make the edges look more natural. However, it will be embarrassing for natural hair to run out from under the wig. You want to know how to do it for your head. Do you have a fake lower edge? You may need to follow the steps below to do it together. How To Lay Edges For My Headband Wigs 1. Apply eco styler gel and comb it to the back with a brush to keep it away from the face, and it can also make babyhair. Use a comb to comb your bangs so that all the natural hair you plan…
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