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RuiYu isn’t the the manufacturer of human hair ,but the porter of only pure virgin hair: un-dyed, untreated, whole, healthy, and beautiful. 

This is the best weave hair money can buy, and we offer it in affordable bundles to make long, gorgeous, celebrity locks available to everyone. Our customers trust us all the time because the quality of our products, from hair bundle deals (choose from straight, wavy, and curly) ,lace closures to varies wigs. Each of our products is consistent and dependable. You will not see significant variations between one order to the next. Instead, you will see the same smooth, silky, voluminous hair we have sold since the very beginning. 

Owing to the high quality of our products, we are the most successfully growing enterprise in China. Our high quality and top grade products have been exported to more than 150 countries, about 8000 oversea clients.

RuiYu  choose to invest all of our efforts into a small range of high-quality hair weave supplies.

While other retailers focus on providing a wider variety of styles and colors.This approach allows us to take the time to ensure that every one of our products exceeds industry standards. The result is a range of wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, and lace closures that our customers know they can trust because they have our name on them.

RuiYu everyone here is dedicated and passionate about all aspects of the service we offer. Our team is devoted to provide best possible customer care and service to our clients.

We believe in continuous learning and hence we highly appreciate and welcome our customers to give feedback about their experience and suggestions to our enterprise so that we can make RuiYu the best customer oriented enterprise.

RuiYu  Hair Is Different From Every Other Product On The Market. 

It is soft but durable, long but healthy, and fine but thick. You can use our extensions to accomplish a full Brazilian body wave by adding wavy hair  for volume and texture, or to create a Peruvian hair weave from straight or curly strands. Either way, our products will give you shine, volume, and body that may be difficult to accomplish with natural hair alone.


Company Name:  Xu Chang Shi Jian An Qu Mi Si Lin Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si

Address:  No.6 West Section of Industrial Park, Lingjing Town, Jian'an Area, Xuchang City, Henan Province


Note: The history of company name changes
Original name: Xuchang Xian Mislin Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si
Name after change: Xuchang Shi Jian'an Qu Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si
Reason for change: Xuchang Municipal Government, according to the municipal planning, assigned Xuchang County to Jian'an District of Xuchang City, so the company name was changed according to the requirements of relevant departments.
Please see the document below for details

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